International Cuisine ClassInternational Cuisine Class
Cake & Bread ClassCake & Bread Class
Feature Desserts ClassFeature Desserts Class

Feature Desserts Class

    Number of Classes Class is Valid for Mix and Match
    Feature Desserts Class4Class3Month/
    Feature Desserts Class12Class12Month3 Fixed Category, International Cuisine ClassCake & Bread Class Selectice Category

    For Memebers Joining 12 classes or More, You Can Enjoy the Following Privileges

    *Can be presented with a tutor demonstration course, students can enjoy the demonstration dishes and according to the course content to participate in part of the production of products.

    *Receive a birthday gift during your birthday month.

    *Successfully invite friends to join as members can have the upgrade courtesy.

    *For more information, please call 2656 2727.

    *If you want to book a course, cancel the course or change the course time to be notified by 48 hours.

    Online Enquiry

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    *Mandatory Field